The exciting, puzzling, brain-teasing, team-building, most-fun-you’ve-had-in-years escape room. Right here in Sanford.

The Maestro's Manor

No one goes to Chapp Manor. Locals don’t speak of it. But you’ve heard the whispers. Haunted they say. The musician Lawson Chapp was murdered there 50 years ago they say. No one comes back they say. Will you?

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-7 players
  • Multi-room
  • Ages 12 & up


Public ticketing
$ 24/26 Per Person
  • $24 Wed-Thurs
  • $26 Fri-Sat

Private Game

Reserve whole game at a discount
$ 165 per game (7 people)
  • The Maestro's Manor

Extra large or corporate group? Contact us.