Booking and Pricing

1. Book Spots

  • Create a booking for as many people as you need, limited by the capacity of the room and how many spots are still available for a given time slot.
  • If your group does not fill the room, someone else might book the remaining spots. Mixed groups can make the experience even more fun!
  • Price/person: $24(Wed-Thurs) $26(Fri-Sat)

2. Book the Whole Game

  • Date night? Close group of friends? Trust issues with other humans? You can have the whole game to yourselves!
  • Just your group, whether you fill the game or not.
  • Price:
    • The Inheritance: $190
    • Medieval Heist: $235

3. Book the Whole Venue

  • We can accommodate larger groups for corporate team building
    and some other special events.
  • Outside of our normal business hours.
  • Call for more details.

Ready? Book Now!