The exciting, puzzling, brain-teasing, team-building, most-fun-you’ve-had-in-years escape room. Right here in the 'Quay.

Our new game is finally here! It's 1897 in the Yukon region of Northwest Canada. Gold was struck here just a few months ago, and eager prospectors have flocked to the region. Your job is processing raw gold into gold bars for Fells Wargo. Today, you're contracted to use a local prospector's smelter to melt his gold. But when you arrive, he's not home. There's no time to wait though, as the monthly Fells Wargo stagecoach leaves tonight- with or without your gold.

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-8 players

Medieval Heist

The king’s scheming son has overtaken the throne and exiled his father. You’re on a mission to break into the castle and recover the crown so that it can be returned to the rightful king and order can be restored!

  • 60 minutes
  • 3-10 players
  • Multi-room


Public ticketing
$ 24/26 Per Person
  • $24 Wed-Thurs
  • $26 Fri-Sat

Private Game

Reserve whole game at a discount
$ 190/235 Per game
  • Gold Rush Cabin: $190
  • Medieval Heist: $235

Extra large or corporate group? Contact us.